Lifestyle — This Is What Happens When People Play Emoji Tattoo Roulette

Long gone are the days of getting inspirational quotes tattooed on your body. These days, expressions are often made through emojis.  

But what exactly do emojis, a spinning wheel, and a tattoo artist have in common? A whole lot more than you can probably imagine.

Especially when you have a few people willing to take a gamble and get inked. 

We placed random emojis on our roulette wheel of destiny and invited people to take a spin with fate.

Where will it land? Only the wheel knows. And land it did… big time.

Tattoo Artist Amanda Mas then went to work, making masterpieces of emojis. The options were plentiful - the cha-cha girl to the alien, the crown to, oh yes, the poop emoji.

What emoji tattoo would you get, if you had to? And don't forget, always -

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