E.L. James Got Destroyed By Twitter During Terrible 'Fifty Shades' Q&A


I will be straight with you, People Of The Internet: Everything I know about "Fifty Shades of Grey" came from watching the movie on a plane, on someone else’s screen, with no sound.

Apparently, it is about a man who hates girls but loves legal documents.

Yesterday E.L. James, the writer of the impressive book (which sports magnificently lyrical lines like, “Suck me, baby.”), decided to do a Q&A on Twitter.

More accurately, E.L. James’ publicists decided they should squeeze one last bit of press from her nipple-hardening books by optimistically tossing her into a pit of Internet piranhas.

Unfortunately, Twitter had other ideas.

People swarmed on her like a pack of killer bees.

The Q&A had more burns than Pompeii.

My personal favorite involved the phrase, "truth bombs and a sea of truth pudding."

When are people going to learn that if millions of people hate you, don't do a public Q&A on the Internet?