8 Products Of Drunk Engineering That Are Actually Kind Of Brilliant (Photos)

Based on many of the decisions I've made while drinking, alcohol is one of the last things you want to consume if you're hoping to take full advantage of the numerous resources offered by your brain.

There is another reliable federally-regulated substance starting with the letter "A" that I've heard is less likely to inspire a "brilliant" idea you wrote down while peeing at a bar that's dumb enough to cause any diplomas you've earned to spontaneously combust.

However, I've fond there tends to be a sweet spot between "Why Isn't This Vodka Working?" and "OK, I Might Be A Drittle Lunk" levels of intoxication where I've mange to dream up ideas that don't make me disappointed in myself when I remember them in the morning.

The products of my time in this zone are usually jokes that are only slightly less stupid than what my brain normally farts out, but that's not to say alcohol hasn't inspired other people to innovate in more impressive ways.

What a perfect pairing.

Here we see an example of the "Vegas Backpack" deployed in the real world.


I don't endorse drinking and biking, but I also don't support wasting perfectly good pizza so this picture makes me very conflicted.


The only downside to this setup is that you no can no longer burn the half- calorie it takes to lift and pour from a handle of vodka.


In 20 years, obsolete Ethernet cables will be used to tie things when they become less valuable than pieces of string.


Based on the total absence of grease stains on the "game board" this might have been planned ahead of time, but I think it deserves a mention.

I respect the innovation, but this is incredibly dangerous -- everybody knows it's easier for spirits to possess your body when you're drunk.

They may now be commonplace at colleges above the Mason-Dixon line, but we should never stop appreciating one of drunk mankind's greatest achievements.