There's Now An App That Lets You Text Solely Using Drake Lyrics

by Connor Toole

Most people's phones are filled with more apps than an Applebee's in a town with nowhere else to go, and I predict we'll soon reach a day when everything is an app and there's nothing you can do about it.

These apps tend to have varying degrees of usefulness -- I check my email fairly regularly but have a few things I only open when I'm sitting on the toilet -- and I've come across a few that have made me wonder why they exist in the first place.

One of these is Drizzy -- the perfect app for people who like Drake enough to want to use his lyrics while texting but don't actually listen to his music frequently enough to have the lines memorized.

The app centers around a keyboard that eschews mainstays like "punctuation marks" and "individual letters" for lines from the songs you listen to after you accidentally come across a picture of your ex looking happy on Facebook.

Users can pick from a from categories -- Ex's, Feels, Hustle, Hate and Random -- that allow them to convey their emotions one Drake line at a time.

And it also offers the ability to share the song via Spotify so people don't think you're deeper than you actually are.

Here's the app in action:

Car broke down. Still had @DrizzyApp to tell it how it is. — John Von Braunsberg (@AJohnLikeYou) March 7, 2015

The app is currently blowing up:

TOO THE FAM. Sorry for any issues with Drizzy app, we blowin up right now. Too much love on the Internet right now. We on it tho — Drizzy (@DrizzyApp) March 7, 2015

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