#DrakeBeTheType: The Internet's Take On Drake Is Absolutely Hysterical


As we all download Nothing Was the Same and play it on repeat with no shame, it's important to emphasize that we still think that Drake is the softest n*gga in the game. He may make some damn good tracks, but he still ain't getting our respect. What is it about Drake that we just can't stand?

Is it the fact that he's from Canada? Or that he will always be that kid in a wheelchair from "Degrassi"? Maybe it's the fact that this guy has no idea what real struggle is.

Either way, when we imagine Drake f*cking some chick, it's fair to say that he's the type of guy who whispers her name in bed as he asks if it was "good for her."

Maybe we just love to make fun of him. But I think it's fair to say that the world has come together to name Drake as the softest rapper ever to grace platinum records. He's just the type of guy to always do soft sh*t. To prove it, here are some of the best tweets of "Drake's the type"....