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Drake's Album Art For 'Views' Is Reminding Everyone Of The Same Thing

A significant part of Drake's success as an artist is based on the Internet reacting to essentially every single thing he does -- whether it's freaking out over his old-man dancing in the "Hotline Bling" video or Photoshopping the cover of his newest album immediately after its unveiling.

After months of teasing Views, the highly anticipated album finally dropped at midnight last night, complete with even more album art dedicated to making Drake look a lot more powerful and intimidating than he probably is in real life.

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As soon as the album dropped and fans got the chance to dissect it a bit, people began to realize the photos resembled some pictures from another brand commonly associated with power, money and excess: Grand Theft Auto.

After further examination, it would appear Drake took some inspiration from the loading screens of the most recent installment in the franchise, as you can see from the "Grand Theft Auto V" loading screen pictured below.

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Because the Internet is the Internet, people wasted no time putting their own twists on other photos included with Views. Here are some of the highlights.

Credit where credit is due to the first person to figure things out.

Drake Album artwork look like a GTA loading screen. pic.twitter.com/DkspxUav76 — Julian (@UnsungQuotes) April 29, 2016

He's just waiting for someone to ask if he wants to go bowling.

See I knew drake belonged in GTA pic.twitter.com/bkqXEv0zM9 — AELOUS XCELL (@XCELLLLL) April 29, 2016

The next installment takes place in Toronto.

Drake's album art lookin like the next GTA pic.twitter.com/uO4c4Fqb7M — HipHopVines (@BestHipHopVines) April 29, 2016

For the full experience, press play.

GTA 6 @Drake pic.twitter.com/UaAWeOwilC — Colton Tibodeau (@tcibs) April 29, 2016
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