Drake Sees His Ex Everywhere: The Newest Drake-Bashing MEME

It seems like rapper Drake has become the new punching bag of the Internet.

Last week, we gave you an epic article depicting how soft the former “Degrassi” star is, then we followed it up with the hilarious best of tweets from the #DrakeBeTheType twitter account, and today we continue the Drake-bashing with some more classic internet memes.

It seems this new trend is taking place on Instagram, and it's about the Grammy award winning artist not being able to get over his ex-girlfriend, who haunts him everywhere he looks:

We decided to join in on the fun, and create a few of our own:

Whenever he tries to party

Whenever someone tells him he looks Mexican

Whenever he watches his favorite TV show

Whenever he's at a crossroads in his life

Whenever he cries like a bitch

Whenever he's reminded his music is sh*t

Just kidding! I love Drake!

L' chaim!

H/T: Huffington Post