15 Things Drake Is Softer Than

by Ashton Tyler

There's something about Drake's success and hip hop's easy acceptance of his music that just doesn't make sense. While we recognize the fact that Drizzy is a talented lyricist, we find that sometimes the former "Degrassi" star's music is a bit too…soft.

Growing up listening to rappers like 50 Cent ("Magic Stick") and Jay Z ("Big Pimpin") speak about their feelings and women, I have a little bit of trouble digesting Drake's material.

I get it. Well, sorta. There are a lot of things that men tend to think about, but don't necessarily feel comfortable speaking about in a public forum.

Why, though, does Drake feel his role is to be the perennial voice of emotional f*ck boys worldwide? It's just not a good look, homie.

While the girls may dig it, it most certainly will not garner interest from those who truly appreciate hip hop for what it was and what it still should be.

The phenomenon his newly released album, Nothing Was The Same, has attracted is horrifying. More and more men are succumbing to their emotions, texting their exes at 3 a.m. and posting sappy lyrics (like the following) on their Twitter feed:

"The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree / I've always been feeling like she was the piece to complete me" ("From Time")

I wish I were joking.

To further emphasize the Toronto rapper's softness, today we've compiled a short list of 15 things Drake is softer than.

No hard feelings, Drizzy... right?

15. Katy Perry's Lips

14. Guys Rocking Snuggies

13. His fans who think he's "cool"

12. Broadway Musicals

11. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

10. Versace Shirts

9. Wet Sponges

8. Miley's Foam Finger

7. Kate Upton's Right Boob

6. Easy Bake Ovens

5. Two-Hand Touch Football

4. Clay Aiken

3. Nicki Minaj's Ass (Post Surgery)

2. A Bag of Marshmallows

1. Justin Bieber