This Song Is The Anthem For People Who Don't Want To Be Tagged In Photos (Video)

This is the most relevant song ever.

In this new video, “Don't Tag Me,” a trio expresses the very real angst associated with being tagged in a photo you really don't want to be tagged in.

For example, high school kids need to hide party pics not only from their parents, but college boards, too, so you better not tag them while they're chugging a $15 gallon of vodka.

But this song's relevance goes way past high school. What if you get tagged in a picture and your boss sees, and now he knows you lied about not being able to go on the company retreat?

Or what if your hip friends from college see work photos you were tagged in, and you look like a corporate drone?

You can't have that floating around.

Learn the rap and tell all your friends, so we never have to endure being tagged in another bad photo again.

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