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The 13 Best Reactions To Donald Trump Saying He Loves 'The Poorly Educated'

At this point, I guess Trump would have to literally stab a baby in the skull for his supporters to have a problem with his behavior -- OK, a white baby.

If you didn't hear, on Tuesday in Nevada, Trump won his third straight primary to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Every Republican in history who won these three primaries also won the Republican nomination.

So yeah, Trump is, in all likelihood, going to be one step away from being our nation's next president. How did we all let it get this far, people?

Well, Trump himself has an answer for you.

In his Nevada victory speech, Trump imparted this accidental piece of radical honesty: "I love the poorly educated."

Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with being uneducated. Being uneducated sucks. You know what also sucks? A political leader's campaign depending on the fact most people voting for him are uneducated.

That's like admitting after you win a Best at Sex competition the people who voted for you were mostly virgins.

Twitter blew up after the speech because of course it did, and the responses were some consolation. At least when we are all on the precipice of the nuclear winter, people can still be witty.

1. In speech giving, brevity is really key.

2. Michael Ian Black even got in on the fray.

3. This is the most depressing and accurate prediction ever uttered. It's like when Professor Trelawney, in the third "Harry Potter" book, predicted Voldemort would rise again. OK, not that bad.

4. OK, I know people talk about Hitler a lot, but this is literally why he burned books.

5. The feeling is mutual.

6. This GIF explains how I felt every day for months.

7. This would be amazing.

8. Someone call Flint, Michigan!

"I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED"... we're officially the Idiocracy.. — imfabulous (@imfabulous13) February 24, 2016

9. At least Donald Trump is impulsive enough to be honest.

10. It's too bad he's impervious to f*cking up.

11. He's a straight shooter. You know, like Lee Harvey Oswald.

12. You can buy the stickers at, which used to redirect to Trump's page. (That is not a joke. Trump bought the rights to Jeb's URL because he's a cyberbully.)

13. Yup. Kill me. Seriously, someone please poison the whiskey I've been drinking all day in order to write this without biting my computer.

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