Dinky The Dog Is A Vine Sensation And More Gangsta Than You'll Ever Be (Video)

If you're looking for a new hero in the canine variety, look no further than Vine superstar Dinky.

Dinky ain't worried 'bout nothing, and he shows it by flaunting his vast riches, numerous bitches and enough cash money to make Birdman blush.

If you're not on Dinky's level, don't be mad -- that would make you a hater. You can't be mad at Dinky, you can only be mad at yourself.

Seriously, look at Dinky.

Dinky is the most badass dog you could possibly imagine, draped in Gucci, copping new cribs and not loving these bitches.

I mean, seriously, why would Dinky care when he got hose?

Dinky likes to ride around town in his slab sitting on Dayton spokes to look for new bitches.

And when he's not driving, Dinky's sitting shotgun and playing wingman for his boys.

That doesn't mean Dinky's not good in the hood. He can still walk around like it's nothing.

That's because Dinky stays strapped and his bitch does, too.

Dinky may be gangsta, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have homies on the other side of the law, too.

This lets Dinky do all the pharmaceutical drugs he wants.

Dinky is also big on Mary Jane.

But at the end of the day, Dinky gets quite dapper, and cleans up nice.

You know you have nothing on Dinky, so don't even try to hate!

H/t Buzzfeed