Dave Grohl Brings Fan On Stage To Tear Up The Drums During A Concert (Video)

Guys, Dave Grohl is just the best person.

At a recent show, the Foo Fighters' lead singer gave a fan the experience of a lifetime when he invited the concertgoer to come on stage and drum with the band for one song.

He even bestowed the honor on the Foo-faithful while sitting in his badass guitar throne, which he is temporarily using until he recovers from an injury sustained while playing at a concert in Sweden.

I've never seen anyone own a broken leg like Grohl.

When aliens eventually make their way to planet Earth, I wholeheartedly think Grohl should be the first human to meet them, and he should do it from that chair.

I can’t imagine an alien race getting angry at us and taking over Earth if our supreme leader comes aboard its spaceship while shredding on a throne made of guitars.