Daughter Pranks Mom With Hilarious iPhone Autocorrect Trick (Video)

While some of our parents have finally begun to master technology, there are still many parents out there who will never quite get it. It also doesn't help when we constantly find ways to prank them.

Take Twitter use @GODDAMNIRWIN for instance, who decided to change the settings on her mother's phone so that  every time she typed in "dirty clothes" it corrected to "acid." A bit juvenile, yes, but entertaining nonetheless.

okay so i made a shortcut on my moms phone so everytime she types "dirty clothes" it says acid pic.twitter.com/uK0gxjkANQ — kenzie (@GODDAMNIRWIN) March 17, 2014

What type of mother asks her daughter for acid? Smh...

Children: 1, Parents: 0.

H/T: Huffington Post