Dad Tricks Daughter Into Thinking She Got Into Hogwarts On April Fools'

Full disclosure: When I was a kid, I was obsessed with "Harry Potter."

I wanted nothing more than to get into Hogwarts.

I even had a Harry pillow I kissed every night because I was convinced he was in love with me.

I was a weird kid.

That said, I really feel for the victim of this cruel April Fools' prank. I'd be emotionally scarred, too.

When she was 7 years old, Ellabell's father penned her a fake Hogwarts acceptance letter -- and, as she wrote on Twitter, she "FULLY BELIEVED" she had been accepted.

When she found out it was a (cruel) farce, she cried for days -- and her evil dad, each year, reminds her of the truly awful prank.

If it were me, dad would have to watch his back.

April Fool's Day is, for me, merely a memorial to the time I FULLY BELIEVED I had been accepted into the primary school of Hogwarts. — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
It remains the worst April Fool ever. April is the cruellest month. I cried for days and days. — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
I don't think my dad thought I would believe it. But I absolutely did. — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
All "yep, that seems about right", just taking my rightful place in the magical universe. — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
No, I'm not over it. — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
DAAAAAAAAAAD. — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015
@orbette I think he's bored at work :( — Ellabell (@missellabell) April 1, 2015

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