Dad Sends Daughter To School In Shirt With His Photo To Keep Boys Away

I'm all about fathers protecting their daughters from the grotesque and pimple-y intentions of pubescent boys, but I also find it sort of inherently weird when dads are ALL ABOUT guarding their daughters' purity.

Over the weekend, a herculean monster dad posted a photograph of his daughter wearing a shirt he'd printed with a photograph that displays his terrifyingly tattooed super-villain body and a simple message:

His daughter looks about as pleased as my girlfriend when she asks, "How do I look in this dress?" and I say "Fine," instead of, "You wearing that dress makes Kate Upton seem about as pretty as a lab rat's brain tumor."

My take? Maybe give your daughter some good advice instead of a shirt that essentially says, "I will use my awesomely scary body to murder you if you try anything with my daughter."

Maybe I'm just a stupid wimp; that's very possible. My mom tells me it all the time.