Two Dads Epically Duel To See Who Can Tell The Corniest 'Dad Jokes' (Video)

Someone (who presumably got laughed at for not understanding a joke) once said, "Comedy is subjective," which is one of those statements I could kind of agree with if it weren't so laughably incorrect.

I know everyone has a different sense of humor, and some people are easier to please than others -- if that weren't the case, musical comedy would have died out a long, long time ago.

Humor might be subjective, but I think there are a few things we can all agree are objectively terrible.

That brings us to "dad jokes," the painfully punny one-liners that expecting fathers are required to memorize before their wives are allowed to give birth.

Objectively speaking, they are the worst thing ever to happen to comedy, but if you think that's going to stop dads from repeating them, you've obviously never been out to eat with a parent who lacks self-awareness.

CH2 tackled the topic by staging a dad joke duel, and as you'd probably expect, there are only losers.