Dad Catches Falling Baby In Split Second — Despite Being Fast Asleep


I always find it kind of hilarious that biologically speaking, there is so much that kicks into gear the second you have a baby to take care of. Up until this point in my life, I've used every ounce of energy, intelligence and willpower to just not embarrass myself at parties and/or while having sex.

But then, once in a while, I'll realize that at some point, my body and brain are going to divert like 60 percent of that being-normal-at-parties-and-during-sex energy to taking care of a child. This is, in part, what our brains were designed for in the first place.

(To be clear, by “designed,” I mean “evolved into through a process of natural selection as dictated by Darwin's theory of evolution." I don't mean “God made me wanna hump and then care for the creature my humping created nine months later.”)

To support that claim is the phenomena of “dad reflexes” on the internet.

Now, who know if “dad reflexes” is a real thing, or if we just have a lot of images out there of dads who are good at basketball or some shit applying their sport skills to catching falling toddlers/babies.

But I like to think that when you have a kid, it's like you become a Super Saiyan. Your strength and reflexes just triple. (By the way, a “Super Saiyan” is a thing from the anime series "Dragon Ball Z." If you don't know what that is, I feel sad for you. But you could probably live an OK life... I dunno, we'll see.)

Thanks to this video of a dad who is LITERALLY asleep as his daughter starts falling but still manages to save her, I have all the evidence I need to believe that parents become superhuman when it comes to the physical well-being of their children. (They couldn't give a shit about MENTAL well-being, of course.)

As you can see in the picture below, this dad could not see his child at all as he or she was beginning to fall.


And yet, with magical and inhuman speed, he reacted appropriately.


Dad reflexes are real.

Do not doubt them.

Join me in starting a petition to have them entered as a new sport in the Olympics. All we need is a bunch of dads who are cool with us tossing their kids in the air repeatedly.