This Dad Crushed It On The Dance Floor With The Best Dad Dance Ever (Video)

I want this dad in Sia's next music video.

Dancing dads are not pretty sights for a few reasons.

First off, they always wear their shirts tucked into jeans. This look was never fashionable, and it is barely functional.

Unless you’re a cowboy or Garth Brooks -- a man who markets himself as a cowboy -- you don’t need to tuck your shirt into your pants.

Secondly, their dancing always involves awkward hip wiggles, outstretched fists and their forearms pointed out. It's like they're less confident versions of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot.

All that being said, this dad transcends the sport of dad dancing.

He is a confident gem up there.

He takes the game to the next level, and he should have a plaque with his name in the DDHF (Dad Dancing Hall of Fame) as voted on by the DDWA (Dad Dancers Writers of America).