A Dad Actually Threw His Teenage Daughter A Lingerie-Themed Party (Photos)

Most people stop caring what high school students think around the time they graduate from high school, but there are a few exceptions to this rule who require the constant validation of teenagers to function properly.

Most parents are willing to go out of their way to make sure their child has a memorable birthday, and when Jeff Lake's daughter Olivia turned 18, he decided it would be the perfect opportunity to show the rest of the world that he's a Cool Dad.

Unfortunately for Lake, that plan reportedly involved inviting a bunch of teenagers to an alcohol-fueled Playboy-themed party at his house in Poway, CA. (And by "a bunch," I mean a reported 150–200 young people.)

Lake, who previously cemented his status as a Cool Dad by making a name for himself as an attorney in medical marijuana cases, was arrested after neighbors filed a complaint on Friday night.

Based on the police report, the arrest had less to do with the noise and more to do with the two teenage boys who were passed out drunk in the basement.

Lake was charged with a violation of a statute that makes it illegal for adults to host parties where minors drink, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

The party might have ended early, but it would appear the people in attendance had a good time -- at least according to the (now removed) Instagram photos and Snapchats that made the rounds after the arrest.

Putting incriminating evidence on social media has never backfired before.

Someone took Hugh's pipe.

Taken at "Liv's Playboy Mansion." Subtle.

Class out the ass.