This Guy Went To Extreme Lengths To Tell People About His New Hat (Photos)


When has a joke gone too far? It's hard to say, but I think a good benchmark for when a joke has gone too far might be when you no longer have any money.

To illustrate this important rule, let me introduce you to Curt.

This is Curt. He is a musician.

Curt likes to make "long form" jokes.

It began with him printing his face onto a t-shirt and wearing it around. But soon, the jokes grew more elaborate.

One time, his friend explained,

He met a guy on the street and made a video where 100 people asked this stranger to come to film club.

He once wore a pair of striped pajamas for 18 days straight.

Apparently, he broke two phones during this period because pajamas don't have pockets, you know, seeing as they are meant exclusively for sleeping and what not.

Then one day Curt bought this hat with a friend.

It was a fun joke. He bought a new hat that said "Curt's New Hat" on it. It's funny. You get it.

That's when everything changed.

He began a journey deep into the heart of a joke, where anything could happen.

He got a license plate made.

Let's talk about how bad this parking job is, by the way.

He even officially changed his name on Facebook to "New Hat."

First name New. Last name Hat.

But it was this that began to worry his friends.

Take in this picture for a moment.

He got... a billboard made.

Yes, he spent all his money on a billboard for an inside joke that "not even all his close friends thought was all that funny."

His friends set up a donation page to help Curt get some of the money he spent on his joke back.

So far, he's only got back $500, but he was never in it for the money.

He was in it for the glory.