These 'Crazy Mom' Texts Are All 100 Percent Accurate And Hilarious (Photos)

When I tell someone my parents are crazy, people always respond with, "I bet they're no crazier than everyone else's."

Well I always thought those people were full of sh*t, but I'm starting to reconsider my stance.

Earlier this year, Kate Siegel took to Instagram to memorialize her mom's insane text messages on her Crazy Jewish Mom Instagram page.

Kate has now widened her scope: She is accepting submissions to CrazyYourMom, her new page where all insane parental texts are welcome.

Kate called for submissions, and all the world's insane, weird parents answered back with texts.

Most of the texts involve moms trying to set their daughters up with eligible bachelors.

Seriously, these moms are straight scouting.

And they aren't afraid to play dirty.

But at least this mom knows what to look for in a potential soulmate for her spawn.

And they make sure to give good, subtle romance advice.

But don't worry, these moms are getting in on the action, too.

Some of the moms, on the other hand, are just looking to keep up with the times...

...No, mom, a butt dial is when you call someone by accident with your butt, and a booty call is when you call someone by accident with your genitals.

Still, there's nothing better than being taken care of by your parents when you aren't feeling well -- unless you're this person.

There's just nothing like a mother's love.

Because, after all, your mom knows you better than anyone.

And mom's experience makes her wise.

But wait, don't forget about the dads!

Because dads can be so sweet, too.

So raise a glass to parents, everyone! We love you, you dumb, weird losers.