The 'Crack Kid' Is The Latest Vine Sensation That Is Truly Inexplicable

I work online for a living, so I like to think that I know what kind of content people are going to enjoy.

There's nothing more satisfying than calling my parents at the end of a long week and saying: "Hey guys, did you see that video of two kittens dancing to Lil Jon? Oh. You didn't. Well, in case you do, you should know that I basically discovered it." They must be so proud of me.

Like I said, knowing what kind of things are going to go viral is a major part of my job, but occasionally something will capture the Internet's attention for reasons I just can't explain.

Take Crack Kid, for example:

The above video of a possibly deranged child named Brady excitedly bouncing basketballs off his head has garnered almost 300,000 shares on Vine in a little under two weeks, proving that nothing makes sense any more.

For whatever reason, Brady became a muse for other Vine users who used his enthusiasm as inspiration. Here are the best creations:

 Brady channels his inner Lil' Jon

He also provided supporting vocals for Rebecca Black

 As well as Miley Cyrus

Remember "Empire State of Mind"? Brady does.

I remember "Air Bud" ending differently

I also forgot about this part from "High School Musical" (probably because I never saw it)

I didn't think it was possible for "SpongeBob" to get any weirder

A quick game of catch (Brady has terrible hands)

Vine celebrities assemble!

H/T: Happy Place