Girl Plays Rock-Paper-Scissors With Cop To Avoid Getting Arrested (Video)

Everyone under 21 knows setting the legal drinking age to 21 is about as sensible a law as Singapore's ban on chewing gum (it's a real law, not a funny joke).

You can decide which monster becomes president, and you can get sent to the desert to kill people for the army, but HOW DARE YOU have that lovely white wine spritzer.

I guess some cops can sympathize because two cops gave a girl at Chillifest at Texas A&M a chance to get out of an underage drinking ticket.

The terms? Just beat them at rock-paper-scissors.

A champion was born today.

Her expression after winning is a national treasure. She looks like she just won a gold medal.

I'd just like to thank my family, my country, and of course God, without whom I would never have been able to choose rock.

You made your country proud, young lady.