Cops Posted Pic Of Wanted Criminal With Epic Eyebrows

A woman wanted for "perverting the course of justice" had her photo circulated by the Greater Manchester Police after her mugshot was posted on Facebook.

This woman probably wouldn't have garnered so much attention if her eyebrows didn't look the way they do.

Seriously, I mean, did someone draw these on with a Sharpie marker IN THE DARK or what?

The post, which has now been deleted by the police department, mentioned that they were looking for a woman named Kealeigh Benson from Tameside.

Here's the deleted post.


Rather than trying to track this woman down or offering any hot leads on her whereabouts, commenters just couldn't help but criticize her wacky looking brows. Can you blame them?

These things look dangerous by themselves. You be the judge.


Yeah... it's BAD.

Observant commenters posted comments like "She looks like she's been mugged and eyebrows have been drawn on by a passing motor biker" and "She should be arrested just for those eyebrows! Jesus!"

I can't say I disagree.

It's kind of hard to tell what happened here. Did she royally screw up her existing eyebrows so much so that she had to use cigarette ash and cooking oil to smear these on? Is this Photoshopped? I mean, really...

Another comment urged users to be a bit more respectful about Benson's stand-out eyebrows, but also took a jab at them at the SAME TIME. The comment read, "To be honest, I find some of the comments on here to be rather lowbrow and I draw the line at that kind of humor."

BURN (just like what probably happened to her eyebrows).

Criminals, suspects, people of the universe, eyebrows -- the world is no longer the same. You can't just be a wanted person and fly under the radar anymore. Expect your mugshot to be plastered all over social media.

If you don't look like a supermodel in your particular mugshot, expect people to clown you for it (also, just make sure your eyebrows don't look like that).

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