Cockatoo Imitating Arguing Couple Will Make You Never Want Marriage (Video)

There's been plenty of research conducted into the negative effect divorce has on the children who are caught in the middle, but to my knowledge, there haven't been any real studies done on the impact it has on the ones who really need it: cockatoos.

I know what you're thinking: "Who cares about how exotic birds are impacted by marital strife? Who would fund that research in the first place? Is this really even a problem?"

I don't have any answers to those first two questions, but for the last one, it's a resounding "Yes."

I don't know how long Peaches the cockatoo had to endure the fierce arguments she now mimics, but it was long enough to pick up on all the mannerisms you'd expect from a husband and wife who hate each other.

Apologies. That was darker than I normally try to get in the humor section.

If you want to feel better, just watch this video of a screaming cockatoo and ignore the implications.