Here's What It Would Be Like If Christmas And Hanukkah Were People (Video)

Hilarious YouTube duo Soren & Jolles just sh*t all over the Starbucks cup controversy.

Fueled by die-hard Christmas fans everywhere, the so-called "War on Christmas" debate has been put to a shameful rest once and for all.

The underlying joke in the controversy is the fact that the cup is still red, the color of Christmas, and the holiday still rules the land during the holiday season over Hanukkah.

Soren & Jolles personify the two holidays, showing the drastic difference in how widely-celebrated Christmas is compared to Hanukkah. So drastic, it's a joke! Get it, Internet?

If Christmas and Hanukkah were people, Christmas would constantly be one-upping its Jewish holiday counterpart.

Christmas is the popular girl; everyone shows up to her party. Christmas has the best stories; everyone wants to hang out with her.

Hanukkah is cool, but no one can relate. Hanukkah throws holiday parties, but no one has the PTO.

Let's hear it for Hanukkah this year, huh?