Chris Evans Always Does This One Thing When He Laughs And It's Hilarious

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Once in a while, a person will be born with remarkable powers. His or her talents may go unsung for decades. But then, there comes the day when the people of this world finally notice them and notice the remarkable things they can do.

That day is today.

One Imgur user, ladies and gentleman, used his or her eagle eyes to notice something no one else could -- something that was right under our noses all this time, but we were too blind to see: Chris Evans always puts his right arm on his left pec when he laughs.

Brave Imgur user, I honor thee. Now, let us behold this person's discovery.

Not only did one Imgur user discover this hyper-specific mannerism...

...but he or she also tracked down all the evidence of it.

What on Earth is going on here?

My theory is he's trying to keep his heart from ecstatically popping out of his chest, like the penis-shaped baby alien in "Alien."

That, or he just likes to touch his hot pecs whenever he is happy... make sure they haven't disappeared.

I mean, if I had pecs like that, I would touch them all the time.

It's like having safety blankets attached to you at all times.

Maybe he touches them when he laughs in order to remind himself he is a hot muscle man and should cool it.

Whatever the reason, I love this more than I will love my future grandchildren.