This Dog Watching Baseball In A Baby Carrier Is Living Its Best Life

Oh hey, did you think this video was anything other than 40 seconds of a dog hanging out in a baby carrier at a Philadelphia Phillies game while a mullet man gives it bottled water out of a cap like a cup of expensive, chilled sake?

Because that's all it is. And, it's better than the Bible.

On the best day of my life -- the day I marry Jennifer Lawrence or the day Jennifer and my first child is born -- I will not experience one-tenth of the magnitude of joy this creature is swaddled in during this too short video.

I want this video to play on loop on my Facebook memorial page when I die (in a gladiatorial fight to the death with a dozen armor-clad bears, I'm assuming). You may consider this article my will and testament. (PS. I leave all my Legos to Ben Wlody, who is my best friend -- shout out to Ben!)

Now, on second viewing, this chill dog looks pretty zonked out, so I hope it's not actually sick with dog cancer or dog diabetes or something, because if so, please do not put this video on my Facebook memorial page as that would be a bummer.

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