Children Acting Out A Conversation Of An Old Married Couple Is Beyond Adorable (Video)

As far as I’m concerned, anything that’s dubbed over is automatically hilarious. Hearing a voice come out of a body it doesn’t look like it should come out of is just freaking funny.

This video featuring children acting out the audio of an old couple’s conversation is no exception.

Created by YouTube humor channel Bored Shorts TV, the clip is part of a series called "Senior Snippets."

Though the kids are decked out in gear to make them look old (fake teeth on the girl, glasses on the boy), they're clearly still young. Hearing the creaky, wheezy voices seemingly come from them is pretty damn weird.

Plus, the conversation they’re acting out is about the old married couple’s first date, and seeing little children talk about their first date “way back when” is too cute to miss.

See the clip in all its glory up top.

H/T: Laughing Squid