Cheating Guy's Detailed Excuse For Why He Has A Giant Hickey Is So, So Awful

Most people have probably had to come up with an embarrassing explanation for a hickey.

But this is probably the worst excuse ever made.

A cheating boyfriend has given possibly the weirdest and most ridiculous excuse to his girlfriend after she spotted an unfamiliar mark on his neck.

Wow. Without a care for spelling or believable excuses, he began,

This boy is not off to a good start. He continued,

And he is definitely not the only one who is surprised. I think it's safe to say that most people would be profoundly confused if their father pinned them down and gave them a hickey.

The messages were delivered over Snapchat, and, after an opening a message from his (soon-to-be-ex) girlfriend, Alex quickly assured her, "Babe don't get mad!!"

If I were the girlfriend, I don't know if I would rather him cheat or know his dad really does give him hickeys. Both options aren't exactly good.

I think this guy needs to be dumped.

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