Lifestyle — Why Celebrity Diets Are Complete And Total Bullsh*t

We don't condone the Lindsay Lohan diet.

Celebrity diets are bullsh*t because they only work if you're a celebrity. It's not the cucumber and parsley water celebrities are drinking that makes them skinny. It's the personal trainers, stylists and selfie specialists who keep famous people looking fabulous.

For us common folk, though, there is a massive amount of health and wellness information available on the Internet. There's a surplus of fitness pages and blogs that offer solid nutrition and workout plans.

Instead of listening to this whole field of experts, we scroll through our feeds and see Emily Ratajkowski eating cherries and, suddenly, we swear cherries cure cancer.

Celebrities are also paid endorsers. You think they are posing with their new teas or waist trainers for the fun of it? What they just made off that one Instagram post is enough to make you cry away all your water weight -- no waist trainer needed!

"Generation whY" is back for season 6 to remind you instead of focusing on how to look like a celebrity, you may want to think about how to become as successful as one.

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