Catcalling Isn't Any Better When Men Literally Hand Women Cheeseburgers (Video)

In her latest video, YouTube comedienne Tess Paras of TessTubeBaby poses a hilarious question: What if men handed out cheeseburgers like they did catcalls? Would it make women like them?

In the video, guys desperately hand (and sometimes, throw) cheeseburgers at women, assuming they want them. When the women turn them down, the men act disappointed and confused as if they couldn’t possibly understand why someone wouldn’t want a cheeseburger from a stranger.

In the video description, Paras writes,

This comedy short explores how women experience catcalls. It challenges the notion that catcalls are compliments that all women should enjoy, and explores how they can  be disruptions that diminish the value of a woman’s place in the world.

Communicating this message through cheeseburgers seems weird -- and it is -- but it’s also way funnier than you’d expect.

Check it out up top.