13 Things All Crazy Cat Lovers Know To Be True (Photos)

In this world, there are two kinds of people: cat people, and dog people.

I am, unequivocally, a cat person, and I’ve never tried to disguise that fact (indeed, I have four of my own).

Sadly, cat ladies like myself have gotten a pretty bad rap over the years; the term brings to mind images of lonely old spinsters and a house full of raggedy felines.

But in reality, we just love our animals (and okay, maybe we’re a little weird).

Call us crazy cat ladies; we don’t mind. In fact, we wear the title proudly — because a life without our feline friends is no life at all.

Still don’t understand? We’ll help.

Here are 13 things all proud crazy cat ladies know to be true:

When someone asks where you see yourself in ten years:

When someone asks you to chill:

When your mom tells you to get a job:

When the cats come to the yard:

When this Halloween costume was actually your #lifegoals:

When people call you a crazy cat lady:

When you imagine your future:

When bae asks you to come over:

When none of your human friends could measure up:

When you go on vacation:

When people ask you why you’re so obsessed with cats:

When someone wants to be your friend and you’re like:

And when someone says they’re not really a “cat person.”