The 20 Reasons Your Cat Actually Owns You

Have your friends ever called you a cat lady? Have they laughed because you treat your cat like a king?

1. When you come home and expect more than this...

Did you really expect your cat to get up and welcome you in?

2. When you try showing some love

It doesn't let emotion get in the way of a business relationship.

3. They're completely unfazed after they almost kill you

That wasn't my fault, was it?

4. This happens on the daily

It will sit exactly where it wants to sit.

5. You can never leave any grocery bags unattended

Hey mom, about that crystal vase you bought me...

6. Facebook profile picture take three

Like I said, no emotions during business.

7. You can never leave a hair tie or bobby pin lying around

And so the battle continues.

8. You have to carry them into the house

You expect it to break a sweat coming up those stairs?

9. When you can't have nice things

You should have known better than to bring a balloon into the house.

10. Finding scratches all over your iPad screen

You have specific mouse games for kitty’s entertainment.

11. This has become your hobby

Can you believe he fell for it again??

12. Now you know how that hole in the door happened

Looks like you got some questions to ask Mr. Snuggles.

13. This happens every night

This is my bed, human. I'm allowing you to sleep on it.

14. They dictate the attention giving

Catnip just isn't cutting it.

15. When you give something else more attention

Did you think I'd let this slide?

16. Your shoes are no longer yours

Hey Bruno, I bought you a new chill spot.

17. It even owns the dog

Your cat just thinks it’s the king of everything.

18. Why you failed that midterm

He looked so cute you just couldn't bother him.

19. Oh, and then there's this...

Did I mention that he thinks he owns everything?

20. It's got eyes EVERYWHERE

One wrong move, and you're out!

Top photo courtesy of Tumblr