Girl Freaks Out As Buffalo She's Feeding Tries To Slip Her The Tongue (Video)

The world is rife with unpredictability, but there are a few constants we can always count on: The sun will rise and set, the tides will go in and out and girls will react to the slightest bit of excitement with the loudest scream possible.

I'm not saying women are any worse than guys who yell "WOOOOOO" for two hours at a concert, but their shouts tend to lack the eardrum-shattering capabilities of the yells from the fairer sex.

I like to imagine that entirely uncontroversial statement inspired at least one overly sensitive reader to angrily yell "Oh yeah? Prove it!" at her screen, and to counter, I present this video of a girl feeding a buffalo from a moving car.

I suggest you watch it at least once with the volume on in order to fully appreciate it, and then watch the GIF below infinite times so you can appreciate it forever.