Guy Hilariously Shames Mom For Requesting Snacks Then Immediately Falling Asleep

by Eleanor Harmsworth

Let's face it. Moms are, in general, quite annoying. And it's no different for this guy.

Every time his mom asks him for snacks, he returns bearing the nibbles only to find that his mom has fallen fast asleep. Can you imagine?

"I adore my mom beyond words but I have to mom-shame her for always doing this to me," Nick, a 20-year-old student from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, wrote alongside some photos of his snack-laden hands and snoring mother.

"My mother is a saint," Nick told BuzzFeed News. Which is probably why he finds this so annoying. He should spend some time with my mom, and find out how annoying a mother can really be.

Nick told his mom he had shared it online and even showed her the photos. Surprisingly, Nick's mom Eleanor didn't seem to mind. “She thought it was funny,” he said.

But thankfully for this mom, Nick will be returning to school in the fall, so she's off the hook for now.