This 6-Year-Old Boy Called The Cops On His Own Dad For The Funniest Reason


Having a kid is like choosing a Pokémon. It's cute at the start, but you just have no idea what it might evolve into.

I mean, you might be like, oh, Bulbasaur looks nice, and all of a sudden, VENOSAUR shows up as a creepy toad-hydrangea and WON'T STOP CALLING THE FUZZ ON YOU, EVEN THOUGH YOU LET IT BATTLE AS MUCH AS IT WANTS AND GAVE IT A COOL NAME, LIKE "ROSE NINJA."

Anyway, that's exactly what happened to one dad, except it was a human child and not an animated amphibian-plant abomination.

A 6-year-old in Quincy, Massachusetts called 911 on his dad after he watched his dad run a red light.

The freshly-born snitch explained to the 911 operator, "Daddy went past a red light," and then went on to give a description of the vehicle they were in, addng it's his "mummy's car," Which was a crucial piece of evidence in the rapidly unfolding tale of crime and the pursuit of justice.

You can listen to the amazing phone recording in the video above. It'll make your day, your week, your whole painful, disappointing life immediately better.

F*cking narc.

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