This Genius Left A Box Of Sh*t For The Person Stealing His Packages (Video)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Sh*tmas!

Eric Burdo has a message for all you package thieves out there: Don't mess with his crap.

The Las Vegas, Nevada resident decided to take action after a string of package robberies plagued the area around his home.

Rather than wait to be a victim, Burdo hatched a plan to set a decoy box on his front stoop to lure robbers in and capture them committing the criminal act on a series of cameras he set up around his door and garage.

Oh, by the way, one more small thing: Burdo also filled the package with dog poop and let it sit from Sunday until Thursday on his porch.


You can read the report and watch the video here.

Burdo said he hopes this serves as a warning to other robbers looking to get a piece of his property. The only way to really make this whole experience better would be to somehow see the looks on the robbers' faces when they opened up the pack o' crap.

Happy holideuce!

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