This Is What Happens When Your Boss Friend Requests You On Facebook (Video)

No matter where you are in your career, keeping some degree of separation between your professional and personal life is necessary in order to make sure a midlife crisis doesn't hit a decade early. But, striking this balance isn't always easy.

One of the biggest threats to keeping the two spheres from colliding in terrible ways is a fellow employee who has a slightly different philosophy. This is especially difficult when that person is your boss.

Getting a friend request from above is one of the more psychologically taxing situations you can face (assuming you never faced a lot of adversity in other areas of life), and figuring out the proper strategy is never easy.

You can say "no" and make things awkward for the rest of your presumably limited time at the company, or you could say "yes" and have to deal with this.

There's really no winning.

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