This Person Is Trolling Women With The Most Bizarre Tinder Convos Ever

At this point, according to the Internet, Tinder has just become a battlefield of trolling, mixed of course with a generally unstoppable onslaught of misogyny and dick pics.

Usually the trolls have concepts, like a guy who just quotes "Forrest Gump," but this user took it all to the next level.

There are no goals, no technique -- weird stuff is just said to unsuspecting Tinder matches.

And it is genuinely hilarious. I picture a guy texting in his mom's basement, surrounded by old television sets, high out of his mind. Whatever, it's working.

It's so hard to find someone to date who cares about the same things as you.

Really? Your biggest regret is not doing more hockey camps? Not that time you told a girl in middle school her parents got divorced because they were fat?

Please note the time stamp here. Morning. Afternoon. A method actor, if you will.

Cool it, Grace. Harold is there for safety.

Finally, the weird gets out-weirded.

Everyone claims to want to help people, but this person has a plan to doing something about it.

Well, DO YOU?

Her first name is either "Dora" or "Colonoscopy-camera."

Her answer is just as confusing. She wants to change the fact that women don't need a uterus? You are troubling, Madison.

More importantly, who says "grinds my gears"? Are you a ghost?

Pretty sure this is how wine is made.

The French are such snobs about wine. They're such pains in the asses.