Binge Watching 5tages

The Struggles Every Girl Goes Through When Binge-Watching Her Favorite Show

It was just your average day. The sun rose and set, and you went to Keri's party and decided it was time to leave -- until you were two steps out the door and overheard strangers talking about the newest season of "House of Cards." Um, no spoilers, please!

Also, WHAT?

So, you booked it back to your house to prepare. Comfy sweatpants? Cheese? You needed it all to do the binge sesh right.

Many do not appreciate or understand the beauty of a good binge session. It involves much preparation, tenacity and fortitude in the face of obstruction. By "obstruction," I mean normal waking life (i.e. work).

But, a true binge-r knows how to sneak a little bit into the workday. Just be careful your boss doesn't find out! Otherwise, you'll be reenacting those dark season-four scenes in your real life.

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