The Best Of Flower Delivery Fails This Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day, aka the day social media turns into a crappy dating game show. The Internet is practically sponsored by Valentine's Day posts (guilty).

One of the staples of this annoying holiday is sending flowers. Since the beginning of mankind, men have either brought or delivered flowers to their girlfriends, wives, mothers and lovers on Valentine's Day. Therefore, naturally, if you're a company that sells flowers, today is your Super Bowl.

Take ProFlowers and 1800-Flowers, for instance. Companies like these should be fully prepared for today's deliveries, no? I mean, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve, you gotta think these are their biggest selling days.

Well, it appears they completely dropped the ball (or bulb) this year, with complaint after complaint swarming their social media sites.

As one of those kind, loving boyfriends who tried to send his girlfriend an arrangement of beautiful, over-priced flowers on Valentine's Day, only to find out they were delivered a day early and dead, I felt the need to share these stories with the rest of you.

Here are the best of flower delivery fails this Valentine's Day:

Wrong place, buddy!

We can help, @RamColon, dead flowers are unacceptable! Email us at socialcs@sm. so that we may make this right. -Leora — CS ProFlowers (@Proflowers_cs) February 14, 2014

A bit too early...

@JasonMKates I apologize for the inconvenience the early delivery has caused.Email me at socialcs@sm. so I can look into this. — CS ProFlowers (@Proflowers_cs) February 13, 2014

Flowers held hostage?

Thank you, @bwyatt-Just send us your order # socialcs@sm., so that we may investigate. - Leora — CS ProFlowers (@Proflowers_cs) February 14, 2014

Bad timing...

Thank you, @dreadnokv1. Please contact us directly at socialcs@sm. so that we may review, and take care of you. -Leora — CS ProFlowers (@Proflowers_cs) February 14, 2014

What is this, amateur hour???

@MattG_21 We're sorry for any delivery issue and want to help you at socialcs@sm. We will make this right. - Corinne — CS ProFlowers (@Proflowers_cs) February 13, 2014

Apparently, February 13 is the new Valentine's Day...

@jaesungderulOo We have a satisfaction guarantee, please contact my team socialcs@sm. with your order details, we can assist — CS ProFlowers (@Proflowers_cs) February 14, 2014

Not-so-fresh flowers...

@ProFlowers fresh flowers?? I think not! Disappointed!!! @kangina — Michael Richardson (@arkmpr) February 14, 2014

More sh*tty flowers:

@ProFlowers -Totally unacceptable. Dont advertise ur flowers(right) 2 look amazing when this is what you send(Left)! — Ashley Oakes Scott (@AshleyOakes) February 13, 2014

“Wowing” issues:

@1800flowers How am I supposed to "wow her" when you deliver half-dead flowers?? #WorstValentineEver — Justin Beckett (@RockBobcat) February 14, 2014

Very sad flowers:

Ordered roses for my mother and mother-in law from @ProFlowers and this is what they received....Really? #Valentines — Pablo D. (@TheWayofPablo) February 13, 2014

Mo' flowers, mo' problems...

Wow! Thanks for the best from your wilted and singed collection @ftdflowers.Nxt time use @1800flowers #Disappointed — Stephen Staker (@staker2) February 14, 2014

Crap, on crap, on crap...

Pretty, sweet #ValentinesDay flowers from the bf! <3 Too bad they arrived super wilted :( @ProFlowers — Amanda Goodhue (@angoodhue) February 13, 2014

Sh*t in a box?

@ProFlowers my buddy's girlfriend got the chocolates he ordered for her and this is what it looks like in the mail. — Cavalorn (@icemanatee) February 14, 2014

You're dead!

Nice work @ProFlowers Im sure my wife is gonna love guys are dead to me #epicfail — vdinotes (@vdinotes) February 14, 2014

This was my delivery that inspired this all...

That awkward moment when ur Valentine's Day flowers arrive to ur girlfriend a day early... and dead. Thx @ProFlowers! — Tyler Gildin (@TylerGildin) February 13, 2014

And, of course, if you call to complain…

@1800flowers really? Plz provide customer service after failing to deliver my vday gift!! — Erin Ansley (@erinfansley) February 14, 2014

But, hey, I guess my delivery could have been worse...

Love my roses from @1800flowers but this is not my husband! I think messages got switched! #careless — Lauran H. Harrell (@LauranHarrell11) February 14, 2014

I understand there were impeding weather issues in the northeast, but next time, be more prepared! This is what happens when you mess with people and their flowers!

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