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It's Your Lucky Day: Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Away Free Bernie Sanders Ice Cream

Yes, now you can engage in political discourse like a true American: by eating.

Ben & Jerry's co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are outspoken supporters of the Vermont socialist super Senator Bernie Sanders. And they just put their money where your mouth is.

Ben Cohen -- the Ben in Ben & Jerry's -- took to Twitter yesterday to announce the new flavor: Bernie's Yearning.

Yes, it's a creepy name for ice cream, but I'm VERY DOWN.

Now, any reasonable person would assume this was an April Fools' prank, but, ladies and gentlemen, that person would be wrong.

Because Mr. Cohen wasn't bullsh*tting.

Today, Ben Cohen tweeted he'd be giving away the ice cream in Union Square at 5 pm.

So GET ON THAT! Show your support for Bernie by eating him.

Now, I haven't tasted this yet, but I'm assuming the flavor tastes like cottage cheese and old velcro that doesn't grip well anymore. Although, to be fair, that's just conjecture.

Also, you can watch Bernie eating his own flavor below. It's pretty gross -- because Bernie has a really limp old-man mouth -- but also very cute.

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