Instant Karma: Idiots Pee On Beehive And Get Stung On Their Penises

One of the most important life lessons to learn as a child is the karmic one: Treat others the way you'd like to be treated because what goes around will always come back around.

One man in Vietnam, unfortunately, learned this lesson the hard way after making what may have been the dumbest decision ever.

He'd been on a long bus ride in the province of Quang Ngai and, along with a few other men, had to use the bathroom.

The driver kindly pulled aside to let them pee on the side of the road.

Innocent enough, so far.

Before letting go, so to speak, our mystery man spotted a beehive and must have thought, “How funny would it be to pee on a beehive?”

The bees, for their part, didn't think it was particularly funny, and they emerged from their piss-soaked hive to communicate their anger the best way they could: by stinging the offender.

In this case, the bees determined the offender was the man's penis, along with the bodies 21 other people unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the pee-er (or stupid enough to join in on the peeing).

Three had to be hospitalized by the time the bees were finished.

The fact that he (or anybody else) didn't see this coming makes me feel he truly deserved to have his dick stung to sh*t.

But, hey -- a lesson earned is a lesson learned. And our peeing pal certainly learned his.

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