Bachelorette Party Ends With Bride Getting Pregnant With Dwarf Stripper's Baby

There are a lot of elements to a successful bachelorette party and, as important as it is to have plenty of alcohol and penis-shaped things, there are a couple of things you need to invest in if you want to take your celebration to the next level-- namely, strippers and little people.

A good bachelorette party will have at least one of those things, but you know you're at a true extravaganza when the guy in the tear-off cop costume is also 3-and-a-half feet tall.

This was the scene at one woman's bachelorette party, although this particular bride-to-be might have taken things a little too far.

Opposing Views reports that a woman in Spain gave birth to a child about nine months after her wedding, and the couple assumed that the baby was the result of some hard work on their honeymoon.

However, after doctors informed the woman that the child had dwarfism, she broke down and admitted to having sex with the dwarf stripper that had been hired for her bachelorette party before the ceremony.

Apparently, nobody at the party saw her commit the misdeed. It would appear that the universe did, however, and decided to pay her back in kind.

 H/T: Opposing Views, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr