This Is The Aftermath Of The Guy Getting His Balls Crushed By An Axe (Video)

Yesterday, the Internet collectively winced after watching a theoretically educational physics experiment unexpectedly turn into a clip from "Ow My Balls!," the most popular show of 2505.

The original clip cuts off soon after the unfortunate volunteer lost the ability to reproduce in the blink of an eye thanks to a poorly aimed axe, so there was no real way to know what happened after the recording ended.

I'd assumed the aftermath involved a loud scream at an unnaturally high octave, but this clip taken from an alternate angle proves the axe might not have done as much harm as I originally thought.

It's either that or the nerve damage was so severe the guy lost the ability to feel pain, but regardless of the long-term damage, you have to give him credit for letting the teacher take another swing.