Amy Schumer Gives Hilariously Accurate Portrayal Of Receiving Oral Sex (Video)

Amy Schumer is not one to hold back, and this sketch from “Inside Amy Schumer” is no exception.

Titled “Hiker Bones,” the short sketch has Amy in bed with a man who offers to go down on her. Score, right?

Amy, ever the courteous lover, accepts, but warns him it usually takes her a while to come.

The dude seems unfazed and begins to do his thing. Meanwhile, Amy settles in and grabs a book and some Chinese food to pass the time.

When he finally emerges, his hair has gone grey, and he's aged about 30 years.

She asks if he wants to have sex, but he declines and takes off, leaving poor Amy alone with her thoughts.

It's a situation I think many women will sympathize with, and, in typical Amy style, it's funny as hell.

Check it out above.

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