Amtrak Tweets Back To Woman Stuck In An Airport Elevator Months Later


"It's been 7 long and cold months, as I sit in this elevator I have come to know as home. When will Amtrak respond? My phone, long dead... All the granola in my purse gone... Is here where I perish?"

And so would read Amanda Carpenter's last diary entry should she have relied on Amtrak's response to her on Twitter for her safety.

Amanda got stuck in an elevator in BWI Airport Amtrak station on Valentine's Day.

(No one wants to spend Valentine's Day alone, and certainly not alone in an elevator.)

The CNN contributor, and former communications director for Ted Cruz, tweeted the following.

But it took seven whole months for Amtrak to reply.

AMTRAK... CHECK THE DATE. If Amanda Carpenter was still in the elevator she would look like this:

TriStar Pictures/Twitter

Or maybe even this:

Warner Bros./Shutterstock

Amtrak, of course, responded on the day she was trapped, but it took seven months for them to check up on her again via Twitter.

Amtrak admitted that they checked in because someone had recently retweeted her original message of being trapped in the elevator.

Just who does Amtrak support?!

Here's a tried and true "Spongebob" reference.

Of course, given the circumstance, things couldn't help but get political.

All joking aside, we're very happy that Carpenter made it out of the elevator safely and did not have to wait many moons for assistance.