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What America Would Be Like If Weed Was Fully Legalized

If weed was fully legalized, the economy would flourish, for the Cheetos and adult coloring book industry.

Most Millennials have their elaborate arguments on why marijuana should be legal for recreational and medicinal use. And believe me, I'm all aboard the THC train (or should I say strain), but I can foresee it getting a little sticky (OK that was the last weed pun).

People say the government is scared to legalize weed because it would have trouble taxing it. I'm scared for the government to legalize weed because of how it would get used.

All major corporations would absolutely pounce on the opportunity. There'd be gluten free weed, Kylie Jenner weed kits, "Finding Dory"-themed dope.

Another thing I hear a lot is, "Oh they just need to smoke weed." That's not always true! The president doesn't need to smoke, doctors don't need to smoke. Maybe you can afford  to take the day off Tommy-from-the-car-wash, but other people's jobs actually matter.

I am all for letting the people toke up, but what I'm trying to say is don't do it on the job. Sure if you have a creative job, weed is great -- for some people an essential tool. The only problem with this is everyone would end up on drug dealer time, and we just don't have time for that.

The truth is, no matter the profession, people who want to smoke will find a way, and people who are against it, please turn off FOX News before your brain becomes too saturated with acid. They say a little dirt never hurt, well I think a little grass should get a pass.

Also total disclaimer: Not everyone was high in the making of this video.

GEN WHY is back for Season 7 to remind you to... remind them to... uh... um... give me a second I'll come back to me. Oh yes, do you have snacks?

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