Cutest Little Girl Can't Stop Saying This NSFW Word When Pronouncing 'Skunk'

Having a conversation with a toddler is a real take-what-you-can-get operation.

They know borderline nothing about politics, they have no inner monologue and, occasionally, you'll meet one with the salty vocabulary of a tiny, round-cheeked pirate.

A 2-year-old from the UK was trying to master the word “skunk,” but ended up with a much different addition to her personal vernacular.

Her father shared a video of the language lesson to Twitter, explaining,

We did cat, dog, horse all no problem. We got to skunk and I was like, 'where's my phone? I need to film this.'

Hilarious as the misstep is, this toddler is just doing her best to communicate.

As knowledgable adults, it's our job to support her efforts, rather than acting like a bunch of raging skunks.

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